Training Programs

Our professional development training programs are designed to address critical learning objectives to meet your employees needs. Each module is based on current research and has been tested in the corporate environment. Our staff of experienced facilitators are available to present workshops at your location.


Coaching Performance Discussions

Provides managers, supervisors, and team leaders with the coaching skills and techniques needed to improve employee performance. Participants learn how to set performance goals, how to delegate responsibility, how give clear directions and how provide support when needed, how to monitor performance and intervene when necessary, how to encourage and motivate performance improvement, and how to discuss the outcome of performance.

Participants will demonstrate facilitation skills, one-on-one coaching, and performance improvement discussions. Their coaching skills will be assessed at the end of the course, and participants will leave with a developmental plan.


  • Coach's Workbook
  • Software reports
  • Coach's Skills Assessment
  • Coach's Action Reflection Summary and Development Plan

Leadership Development

Leaders are not born, they are developed. Our unique Leadership Development Program is based on research, proving that the most successful leaders today have mastered five distinct skills:

  • Personal Accountability – The ability to take responsibility for one's own actions, conduct, obligations and decisions, without excuses.
  • Goal Achievement – The overall ability to identify and prioritize activities that lead to a goal.
  • Interpersonal Skills – The ability to interact with others in a positive manner.
  • Self-Management Skills – The ability to prioritize and complete tasks in order to deliver outcomes within allotted time frames.
  • Influencing Others – The ability to personally affect other's actions, decisions, opinions or thinking.
  • HRTalentpro's Leadership Development Program will allow you to develop the leader within. Many people possess the capability to be a leader. It is those who cultivate it that will become successful.
  • Participant's complete a 360 Feedback Assessment

Mentoring Program

Our Mentoring Program offers the most effective type of training and education. It provides a personalized, one-on-one approach to growing and grooming a workforce. This practical easy to use program helps the mentor empower employees by sharing organizational insight, political savvy and career guidance. Whether the mentor is the individual's supervisor or another key individual in the organization, Mentoring for Results moves the mentoring process from informal to the formal.

Personalized assessment reports are used to identify the protege's behavioral style and to develop mutual understanding in the mentor-protege relationship. This course will provide managers and supervisors with the skills needed to help others to achieve career growth and organizational success. They will recognize the mentor's role in mentoring others, how to demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills, recognize cultural differences and how to overcome resistance to change. Participants will learn how to offer participants advice, facilitate progress, challenge unproductive behaviors, and motivate the protege to take initiative as a self-directed learner. If you don't have a formal process to develop employees, this program will activate your organization to success.


  • Leader's Training Guide
  • Mentor's Guide
  • Protege's Workbook
  • Mentor and Protege Assessments Tools
  • Feedback Reports
  • Mentor's Action Reflection Summary and Development Plan

Succession Planning

Succession Planning is a personal and professional development process that inspires people to be in charge of their own careers. This process incorporates three key components of success - commitment, accountability and coaching. Succession Planning builds in these three components along with three assessments. The assessments include the Employee-Manager Behavioral Software Report, the Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values Software and a Skills Assessment Inventory. Succession Planning includes a goal setting and self - improvement process. This is the most complete development process on the market today.


  • Continuous Lifelong Learning Manual
  • Managing for Success Employee-Manager Software Report
  • Personal Interests, Attitudes & Values Software Report
  • 20/20 Insight 360 Feedback Software Report

Building High Performance Teams

A true high performing team demonstrates a high level of trust, effective leadership, and shared commitment. This training is designed to provide the participants with the skills and knowledge to build a High Performing Team. This program allows each organization or consultant/trainer to customize the process for their individual applications. There are six modules leading to a continuous improvement program. Believing that people learn best by discovering for themselves, this training utilizes: * Theory * Simulation * Team activities * Individual and group assessments Training objectives for each organization are slightly different and yet there is a commonality for all organizations moving to a team concept or process. You will be able to: * Identify the values, mission and vision of your organization. * Recognize, understand and utilize strengths of individual team members. * Identify areas of improvement and solve them as a team.


  • Building High Performance Teams Training Workbook
  • Building High Performance Teams Instructor's Guide
  • ToolKit
  • High Performing Team Report

Help your sales personnel and sales managers to develop better sales competencies. This training provides skill development in the following sales skills categories:

  • Prospecting - Cold Calling Skills, Time and Territory Management Skills, Telephone Skills, Self-Starting Capacity, Handling Rejection, Persistence
  • First Impression - Engaging Customer, Projecting Rapport, Courteous and Polite, Relating with Others, Evaluating Others, Taking Initiative in Meeting with Others
  • Qualifying - Qualifying Buyers, Questioning Strength, Accurate Listening, Understanding Needs, Patience, Maintaining Goal Focus
  • Demonstration - Giving and Effective Presentation, Persuading Others, Balanced Communication, Concrete Organization, Personal Flexibility, Using Common Sense
  • Influence - Solving Sales Problems, Identifying Buying Signals, Maintaining Trust, Emotional Connection, Correct Use of Resources, Problem Resolution
  • Closing - Dealing with Objectives, Closing the Sale, Identifying Objections, Courage, Self-Control, Being Results-Oriented

Participants complete Sales Strategy Behavioral, Values and Skills Assessment

Today, business success is measured in TALENT—the RIGHT talent for the job. The lack of job performance and employee turnover result in missed business opportunities and increased costs. It makes business sense that managers are seeking better ways to accurately assess, develop and retain top talent. Sales Talent Skills Inventory will identify the your sales manager's strengths and areas that need development.

The Sales Management Strategies Workshop will help your sales managers lead and manage sales personnel effectively to achieve goals and deliver results. This training provides skill development in the following sales skills categories:

  • Conflict And Problem Resolution
  • Getting Results
  • Leadership Focus
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Planning Orientation
  • Self And Project Management
  • Staffing Focus

Participants identify opportunities for improvement, create goals and an action plan, participate in skill practice activities, role-play scenarios and receive feedback. They will walk away with a development plan for improvement to be followed up by their coaches to continue development in need areas.

This workshop will contribute successfully to a number of processes requiring effective talent management, including:

  • Hiring and Selection
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Performance Discussions
  • Increased Goal Attainment

Participants complete Sales Management Talent Skills Assessment

Allows sales managers to increase success in coaching and motivating new and existing salespeople to perform at their best. It takes the guesswork out of managing salespeople, and allows companies to develop sound relationships through individual performance management plans.

Course Objectives:

  • Allows managing and coaching to be focused on the areas that produce results
  • Helps the manager direct sales reps to utilize their time more effectively to achieve results
  • Focuses sales reps on specific goals and outcomes
  • Provides the manager with information to build on sales reps strengths and improve their areas of weakness
  • Helps the manager to develop a performance plan, set goals, communicate goals, and follow-up to ensure results
  • Identifies specific training or management needs of a salesperson or salesforce

The following software tools will benefit the learner's skills and will be used to support the training. Each manager will select an employee who needs coaching in sales performance. The tools will be used to generate a performance improvement plan. Pre-work assignments are involved to complete several assessment reports and a performance analysis report.

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