Succession Planning

Succession Planning provides a clear picture of where your company stands in terms of having the right people in the right jobs at the right time. HR TalentPro's Succession Planning Process helps to identify leadership potential and succession timelines while monitoring talent pools and targeted candidates. Our software program allows you tracks bench strength and talent, align individual development needs to organization needs, and identifies high potentials and positions for which they would be best suited.

  • Select Qualified Candidates for Immediate Openings
  • Track Pool of Successors for Future Openings
  • Generate Tracking and Feedback Reports
  • Identify High Potentials based their performance and potential and other factors
  • Conduct Calibration Discussions
  • Identify development needs and create plans

Tools and Resources

  • Competency Library — 80 competencies leveled by job experience, definitions
  • Development Guide — Development Activities to support competency Development
  • Manager Guide — Supporting Employee Career Development
  • Employee Guide — Career Development Activities

*Features are provided for participants, managers, and program administrators