Personal Insights Behavioral Style Assessments

Executive Style Assessment

The job of being an executive is different from other jobs because of the many hats that most executives wear. The Executive Style Assessment provides the right information for any executive to understand their management style and thereby assist them in adapting their behavior to the situation. The comprehensive report provides insight to their style of communication, motivation, values, strengths, areas needing improvement, and developmental needs.

Employee / Manager Behavior Style Assessment

Our most popular report, this program enables employees and managers to learn more about each other in 15 minutes than they could working together for an entire year. It is used successfully to get new employees off to a fast start, revitalize present employees, improve communication and morale, and build sound employee-manager relationships.

This assessment gives valuable information to the employee, the manager and the work team. It clarifies individual work styles, how styles effect job performance and how the employee-manager relationship effects productivity and goal achievement.

Sales Assessment

Geared specifically towards salespeople, MFS Sales takes into account the crucial differences between salespeople and other groups of employees. It provides the sales manager with information on an individual's style of selling, overcoming objections, closing and servicing accounts. MFS Sales can be easily incorporated into any sales training program or used as a coaching tool..