Organizational Effectiveness Surveys

To ensure the entire organization is moving together seamlessly and relentlessly toward a common set of goals, a highly effective organization needs have the ability to react quickly, minimize costs, leverage employee talent, and outperform the marketplace.

Companies with high organizational effectiveness:

  • Align their HR and operational systems
  • Work through high performance teams that deliver results
  • Develop critical skills and encourage their use
  • Communicate up, down, and across the organization
  • Motivate employees to reach beyond even the most ambitious goals
  • Measure results continuously

High Organizational Effectiveness: The Critical Difference

Organizations are integrated — "organic" — entities consisting of four major categories:

  1. Strategy and Leadership
  2. Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency
  3. Capabilities and Ownership
  4. Trust and Motivation

Our organizational effectiveness assessment is designed to help you understand the different aspects of the organization: Organizational structure, processes, culture, human resources, business strategy and "core competencies".

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