360° Feedback

Most organizations realize the importance of collecting feedback from employees and customers on a regular basis. However giving individual feedback is not always an easy process. Many people feel uncomfortable giving and receiving feedback from peers, employees and their manager. The 360 feedback process offers a confidential way to provide individuals with feedback on critical behavioral areas.

Feedback is one of the most powerful tools available to promote behavioral change. Leaders need to gain insight to how others see them at all levels in order achieve continued success. A 360 feedback process gives them that edge.

We offer a comprehensive 360 Feedback software that provides a comprehensive report that is easy to administer and features additional development software that supports the employee in their development process.

Our software or web-based custom designed surveys with over 140 skill categories, 1000 survey questions, comment options, measurement scale options.

The 360 survey may be customized to your organization's mission, vision, values and business objectives.

We set up and administrate the 360-feedback process for your convenience. In addition, our consultants confidentially provide individuals with one-on-one coaching to interpret the report and to help them identify developmental opportunities.

*Features are provided for participants, managers, and program administrators