Competency Models

A competency model is a way of organizing the skills, behaviors and knowledge needed to perform an individual's job responsibility into a conceptual framework that enables the people in an organization to understand, talk about, and apply competencies. A model is an organizing scheme. Often a chart, diagram, or other visual image used to illustrate the model to enhance comprehension.

Competency analysis involves identifying the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors that employees must demonstrate for the organization to meet it's business goals and objectives. Developing a competency model involves interviewing a group of good performers to identify the critical behaviors needed to perform their job. Once behaviors are defined, the analyst identifies the level of behavior is required for individuals who are entry level to advanced.

  • Our Competency Development Process for developing competency models has been used by many of clients for more than twenty years.
  • We have received several awards for our Job Profile Process!
  • Our competency model process links skills and behaviors to key areas of job responsibility.
  • Jobs are leveled by area of expertise, and competencies are defined for each level.
  • Subject Matter experts help to identify the key behaviors and behavioral items.
  • Competency models provide behavioral descriptions for Hiring and Selection, Development, and Succession Planning.
  • We have also acquired a comprehensive competency library – for leadership, teams, nurses, technical positions, service, sales.

Tools and Resources

  • Competency Library — 80 competencies leveled by job experience, definitions
  • Development Guide — Development Activities to support competency Development
  • Manager Guide — Supporting Employee Career Development
  • Employee Guide — Career Development Activities

*Features are provided for participants, managers, and program administrators