Company Information

HR TalentPro providesTalent Management solutions to meet the changing Talent needs of our customers.  Our experience as Talent Management Consulants spans over 25 years serving diverse client industries.  We are recognized for strengths  in identifying talent management strategies including Workforce Analytics, Talent Acquistion Strategies, Employer Branding, Hiring and Selection, Behavioral Interviewing, Onboarding, Performance Management, Employee Engagement Initiatives, Competency Models,  High Potentials Identification and Development, Succession Planning Frameworks, Talent Pipeline Processes, Career Development Strategies, Formnal Mentoring Programs, and Leadership Development Strategies.

We have developed a online Oracle Based Talent Management Software Solutions to enable our clients to easily adminster their talent management solutions.   The software provides online assessments, development planner, and feedback tools to manage various participamnts to ensure they've met the program goals and measure results.  Multiple adminstrators have access to program management to send reminders, set passwords, run reports, and follow-up with participants.