Career Development

During the Career Planning process, managers and employees target career moves, assess competency gaps and create development plans. Progress of development actions is tracked against plans using the online development planner. Employees are empowered to create goals for achieving success by determining developmental activities needed for future career goals by linking career expansion to targeted improvements and developmental plans, and reconciling aspirations with current opportunities.

Career Planning Process

  • Create a job profile — define critical job requirements, skills, and competencies for each job
  • Create Career Paths based on skill, competency, and experience requirements
  • Assess Employees skills and competencies with HR TalentPro's Competency Assessment
  • Create a roadmap for the future
  • Identify a Development Plan
  • Provide Feedback and Coaching
  • Generate Tracking and Feedback Reports

Tools and Resources

  • Competency Library — 80 competencies leveled by job experience, definitions
  • Development Guide — Development Activities to support competency Development
  • Manager Guide — Supporting Employee Career Development
  • Employee Guide — Career Development Activities

*Features are provided for participants, managers, and program administrators